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This is our first EP.
Recorded at Maple Shade Studios by Andy Chayer.


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Question? No Answer Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: Playing With Fire
I watched the sun bleaching your face with bright and shiny rays. The time was well wasted, we prayed for rains to wash away.

Playing with fire and throwing stones.
Ash bound houses and broken bones.

Miles and Miles you crawled, but you're still dead after all.
We played it straight. You took the bait and I knew I'd watch you fall.

I second guessed you, ten feet tall. Once at sprint, now at crawl. I hope this means nothing to you, but I knew I'd watch you fall.
Track Name: Plastic Smile
She's a pop culture wannabee obsessed with what she'll never be.
Scandalous in every way, it seems that she will never change.

New red carpet fantasies. She's in love with her own disease.
Strutting down the avenue, there's daddys little girl. She feels her insecurities are soon to change the world.

Hides behind a plastic smile.
Defined by her useless style.
Don't forget all that you are.

I'm a "pop culture murderer". I hope this song is killing her.
"Anarchist in every way and willing to admit, I know that I'll never change, so leave or deal with it."

(repeat chorus)

She's just a "Pop culture whore". Typical in every form.

I'm a subculture vagabond. Can't quite tell where I belong.

Oh but she's so glamorous. Small town loves, her pedestal is but a noose.
Don't forget all that you are, but just forget all that you are.
Track Name: Sticks & Stones
I live my life in the middle of the road.
No new place to stay, no place called home,
Because there's no such thing, now I'm done dreaming.
You lay your head on a busy street, won't get back up on your feet and think you'll go nowhere, but you're already there.

Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words will break your heart.
When both are broken with nowhere to go, what will you do but fall apart.

My obsession became a lesson slowly learned in time.
My aggression, now my passion and yours is now a crime.
And if beauty is only skin deep, then you are made of mirrors, because whenever I look at you I see lost hope and wasted years.

Your throwing stones in a house of glass has added up to a shattered past.
Track Name: Gutterwhore Lipstick
You dim the sun, but you're not the only one.

Freezing winds like shards of glass against my skin, by nerves react.
I hoped you'd choke and hoped you'd bleed, suffocate. I hoped you'd fail to breathe.
Freezing winds like shards of glass against my skin, my nerves react.

But, I'm not listening as I can't feel a thing and all you seem to do is push.
Push me.

This is what life is meant to be. Designed by you, twisted by me. I'll find my shade out from the sun, just to find that you're the only one.
Damn my eyes that they can't see all the things killing me.

So beg for the life you desire. Pray.

Freezing winds like shards of glass against my skin, my nerves react.
Damn my eyes that they can't see all the things killing me.